Xiaomi mi6 has been released for several months. A lot of xiaomi fans have been looking forward to the next generation of xiaomi flagship, although the release from the xiaomi mi7 there is still a long time.However by the xiaomi fans production of xiaomi 7 renderings, which are very worth the wait.
xiaomi mi7
As shown in the picture, mi 7 continuation of the xiaomi 6 with the double-sided glass + metal frame design style, perhaps also like xiaomi mi6 pro, having a ceramic body. The front use of a comprehensive screen design, screen ratio reached a staggering 97%, only in the top of the central reserved for the location of the front camera. The back is a 3D surface glass, and is equipped with a dual camera, the bottom is Type-C interface, black, white, bright silver, blue four colors optional. In the configuration, xiaomi 7 with a 5.7 inch 18: 9 full screen, equipped with Snapdragon 845 processor, 6 GB/ 8GB memory +64 GB/ 128GB flash memory, the front 16 million pixels, rear dual 16 million pixels, support iris recognition, and it may use screen Fingerprints.If iphone 8 ahead of using the screen fingerprint, then xiaomi mi 7 screen fingerprint is not a problem.

In fact,Although xiaomi 7 is always in the exposure, but the second half of this year is likely to release the phone should be xiaomi mi mix 2, which has been in development.At the same time, xiaomi in the low-end mobile phones are also xiaomi redmi note 5 and new series of Xiaomi X1. But looking at the configuration of xiaomi mi 7, which is definitely a popular phone.