Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun carefully crafted seven years of Xiaomi mi6, in the quality of workmanship performance are people are very surprised! The domestic starting Snapdragon 835 +6 G memory phone, a sale for a few seconds to sell out.Although it has been sold a few rounds of sale,many people still don’t have opportunity to buy it.
xiaomi mi7
Xiaomi 6 biggest problem is the spot too little, but xiaomi mi 6 has opened the full amount pre-ordered on June 13, the latest 30 days delivery. With the opening of the 618 event, before the out of stock products, such as Xiaomi mi mix and xiaomi mi note 2, now not only adequate supply, but also have 200 RMB discount.Of course, the latest release of xiaomi mi max 2 is also very attractive,and there are many people buy it.

When people are still indulging in snapped up the xiaomi 6 , some people have exposed the concept map of xiaomi mi7 , the appearance of the streamline looks very perfect smooth. Compared to the previous mobile phone ,there is a big change on the phone.Xiaomi 7 should be used Snapdragon 845 processor with 2K screen.Other aspects should be no big difference from xiaomi 6.But we hope it will have 8GB memory.

At present,MIUI official announced that stop MIUI8 released update, then this is in the development MIUI9.So when xiaomi mi note 3 released in the second half of this year.It can be used directly MIUI9 OS.So xiaomi 7 is the same.