Xiaomi company "waiting for 7 years" product of Xiaomi Mi6 has been officially released in Beijing on April 19,the phonehas a high performance and a new design, did not let everyone down.And Xiaomi has been focusing on mobile phone cost-effective, so Xiaomi 6 has also been favored by consumers.
xiaomi mi6 smartphone

Xiaomi Mi 6 use Snapdragon 835 processor 2.45GHz,and equipped with the first 10nm commercial chip.Compared to Xiaomi Mi Mix equipped with Snapdragon 821, Xiaomi 6 performance has a great upgrade.In addition, Xioami 6 comes standard with 6GB LPDDR4x running memory, starting 64GB storage, there are 128GB large capacity version.

In addition to high performance, Xiaomi hope to meet the needs of users in more ways. In the dual camera has become a standard today, Xiaomi Mi6 Plus features a 12MP wide-angle lens and another 12MP telephoto camera for 2x lossless zoom, and also supports "four-axis optical image stabilization" technology to increase the stability of the image.The advantages of the dual camera so that the "portrait mode" can achieve the effect of large aperture background blur, in simple terms, the portrait is more beautiful.

Xiaomi 6 with four curved surface design,and Xiaomi Mi6 Pro is a four-surface ceramic phone. Prior to Xiaomi Mi 5S had tried to use ceramic material, the effect is good. Xiaomi 6 pro version of the back of the camera decorative ring with 18K gold, 6GB +128GB combination. Other versions of Xiaomi 6 with a stainless steel bright border, machine-round round, feel good, the value is also high.

Mi6 with 5.15-inch full HD screen, support "luminous screen" technology, can reduce the blue light while color fidelity, effective protection of user vision. It also has 3350mAh large battery, to meet consumer demand for life. Xiaomi 6 and Xiaomi Mi6 Pro will be sold at 10 am on April 28. 6GB +64 GB price of 2499 RMB, 6GB +128 GB version price of 2899 RMB, 18 K ceramic version of the price of 2999 RMB. In addition, the color of the phone has black,white, and blue and has 18K ceramic black.