Xiaomi mi mix is one of the most impressive smartphones in 2016, using a full-screen design, overall color and technology bursts. And recently, Xiaomi mix designer Philip Stark reappearing Xiaomi, perhaps to advance the progress of Xiaomi mi mix 2, then mi mix2 really will be release.
xiaomi mi mix 2
It is reported that xiaomi mix 2 will be officially released in the second half of this year. There is no doubt that it is still a xiaomi full screen benchmark.It is the core of the upgrade is in the screen part, will use the real full-screen design, 18: 9 to make the overall screen share larger, left and right border only 0.5mm, the lower border was 1.8mm.And it is expected to the sample appeance by the end of June.

In the configuration, Xiaomi mi6 with the strongest processor Snapdragon 835, it is said mi mix2 will use the upgraded version of the processor Snapdragon 836.So it looks like xiaomi mix 2 configuration is also very strong.At the same time, it will be standard 6GB memory, and perhaps there will be 8GB memory. As for other aspects of the information, we can not be sure,so we need to wait the official announced.

Not long ago xiaomi mi max's second generation was released, it was called Xiaomi mi max 2, and now the second generation of xiaomi mix is also about to be released. Then Xiaomi redmi pro released last year, So xiaomi remi pro 2 may release this year. Looking at the second generation of the phones,we’d like to they have greater innovation and upgrades.