Xiaomi mi mix released last year and the full screenmake users shocked, more than 90% of the ultra-high screen accounted for a lot of people attracted attention. According to the planning ,xiaomi mi mix 2 will be launched this year. Now xiaomi mix 2 concept map was exposed, and the super full-screen flagship will lead the phone new fashion.
xiaomi mi mix 2
Xiaomi mix 2 will continue to be designed by contemporary famous design master, democratic design and minimalist design advocate Philip Stark, he is also the xiaomi mi mix designer. Xiaomi mi mix 2 with metal frame, glass or ceramic back cover, with nearly 100% of the front screen ratio, the bottom of the phone at the edge of the front camera, the screen fillet has also been a good reservation.In general, it has been close full screen phone design limit. Unlike xiaomi mi mix, the renderings show that the xiaomi MIX 2 has a thinner body design, the edge of the phone is also designed to better grip the arc shape, and even the current yield of only 6% Bright silver process blessing, a comprehensive screen + top technology configuration is still more surprising. But it may like xiaomi mi6,the silver version will be hard to buy.At the same time the aircraft will be the first time using AAC to provide the exciter program to replace the piezoelectric ceramic program to achieve the screen sound. But if it released in September, then there is no way to achieve under the screen fingerprints.

As for xiaomi flagship machine, mi mix 2 configuration must be very strong. It will take the high-pass Snapdragon 835 processor with 6.6-inch full screen ,the ratio of 18: 9, a resolution of 1920 * 960,8GB running memory, 128G and 256G body storage Version.And it has 19MP rear camera, built-in 4500 mAh large battery. As MIUI9 has been released with xiaomi mi 5x, so it will be installed with the MIUI9 system.

It is said that 8G + 128G version of xiaomi mi mix 2 has the same price as xiaomi mix,priced at 3999 yuan. While the 8G + 256G version of xiaomi mix 2 will support the fingerprint camera ring and 18k gold-plated, priced at up to 4,999 yuan. In order to against to Iphone8, xiaomi will be released a new flagship machinein September , but we can not confirm the release of the xiaomi mi note 3 or xiaomi mi mix 2.