Recently there is news that xiaomi will be released a new large-screen mobile phone - Xiaomi Mi Max 2, which is a 6.4-inch 1080p with large-screen, compared to Xiaomi mi max 6.44-inch screen ,max 2 is smaller .The screen of xiaomi max can be compared to xiaomi mi pad 3,which has 7.9 inchs screen.

Xiaomi mi max 2

Xiaomi Max 2 may will be used in two configurations, including low version will carry Snapdragon 626 processor + 4G memory, and high version will use Snapdragon 660 +6G memory.And Snapdragon 660 processor may be similar with the Kirin 660 processor,which will be used in the new smartphone of Huawei nova 2 .It is reported that max 2 will be released on May 25,which is earlier than Huawei nova 2.

Xiaomi Max 2 will use 5 million front camera and 12 million pixels, F / 2.2 aperture rear camera. Recently released most of mobile phones are using a dual camera, like xiaomi mi6  dual camera, shoot out the photos and SLR can be comparable. However max2 still uses a single camera,relative Xiaomi mi Max will have a substantial increase.As the same time,Max 2 also change the battery capacity from the previous generation of 4850mAh increase to 5000mAh;The battery life is larger than Xiaomi mi 5s Plus. In addition, the system, the Xiaomi Max 2 will use the new MIUI 9 operating system, which is based on the Andrews 7.1 operating system, the current adaptation version should be Android 7.1.1, as to whether it will Android 7.1 .2 is not known.

In the appereance , will xiaomi max2 have a ceramic body like xiaomi mi6 pro?In addition ,when xiaomi max2 released .xiaomi mi5s may have a reduced price again.